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Our Story

I’ve always been one who roots for the underdog, the powerless and those without a voice. As a young, brown, gay man growing up, I got involved with my First Nations community and escaped to nature often. Dogs were always a part of the family. I was blessed to grow up with a community that encouraged us youngsters to learn our stories and songs. Through this community I learned the meaning of ALL MY RELATIONS.

For nearly two decades I’ve experienced an incredible career as a hairstylist in New York and Hollywood.  There was a high bar when it came to the people and tools I worked with—my discerning clients appreciated the best quality of everything. When I brought my new little puppy Rio home and it came time to find a soap for him, I couldn’t find a brand that hit my high bar: toxin-free, made in the USA, recyclable packaging, biodegradable, and absolutely no artificial fragrances. I would look at the selection of products on the shelf and think “Why would I want my dog to smell like a piña colada?”

So I set out to create ALL MY RELATIONS to provide a product for anyone wanting what I did: to bathe their dog regularly without worrying about harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances. 

Our exclusive formula is formulated for the PH balance of a dog's skin, rendering it far more gentle on human skin and hair. Our three fragrances are inspired by nature. What would your dog smell like if they spent the night in a flower meadow or in the forest on a bed of pine needles? No more attacking your dog’s most powerful sense with artificial fragrances. 

It is important to me to give back. I choose to honor my Chicano Mexica people as well as all my native relatives in the Americas. Every year we’ll donate ten percent of the proceeds from every purchase towards helping a Native peoples, animal or environmental cause. Sustainability and uplifting all relatives—human and animal alike—will always be our mission.   

ALL MY RELATIONS/ Noxtin Nomecayotzin,

David Dieguez